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PropTradeDashboard Solutions

Our SaaS solutions, including our Prop Trading Tech Kit, Trading Contest Gateway, and Ultimate Trade Copier, allow trading firms and brokerages to offer traders the ablity to tap into institutional capital, access new trading opportunities, and improve their own performance.

With over 50 years in the brokerage and trading industry, FPFX Tech understands traders, the technology and the businesses that support them.  Our innovative solutions enable trading firms and brokerages to build long-standing, loyal relationships through customized trading solutions that reshape the trading experience and journey.


Our Three Flagship Products

See what makes PropTradeDashboard the industry leader for prop trading, trading contests and social trading/trade coping

Prop Trading Tech Kit

See what makes PropTradeDashboard the industry leader for prop trading, trading contests and social trading/trade coping

Custom builds include integrations with payment gateways and processors, trading platforms, email hosting, on and off-exchange brokers servers, CRMs, AML/KYC verification, chargeback
protection, and certificate creation.

Trading Contest Gateway

With our Trading Contest Gateway, trading firms and brokerages can offer dynamic, interactive and fully-transparent trading competitions that generate excitement and engagement for contest participants and those following along. Launching new and innovative trading competitions has never been easier, with a seamless onboarding portal, back-end broker integration, and leaderboard.

Ultimate Trade Copier

We offer brokerages a fully-hosted solution with customized dashboards for themselves, trade leaders, and trade followers to manage the trade copying experience; combining the best elements of a MAM and social trading platform.

Traders can build portfolios of strategies with custom risk controls across individual strategies and entire portfolios, with virtually no execution latency, dropped orders, or need for a VPS.

PropTradeDashboard Trader Dashboard

PropTradeDashboard provide a Trader Dashboard to enable traders to easily monitor their Risk Available, Open Risk, Account Limits and Performance Metrics. To ensure you do not breach any limits and incur a reset it is important that traders understand how to use the dashboard.

Trading Rules & Account Limits


Account Balance


Equity Balance


Risk Available


Open Risk


Weekly Loss Limit Level


Max Drawdown Limit Level

Trading Rules & Account Limits


Target: 50%


Target: ≥45%


Target: 1 or above


Target: 3


Total Volume
Target: Above 50 Lots

Fund Performance


Start Balance


High Water Mark




Weekly P&L


Monthly P&L


Proj. Annual P&L

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